Survey documents

Liquidity Monitoring Tools (LMT)

Name of survey
LMT_G (FINMA supervisory categories 1 and 2)
LMT_GO (FINMA supervisory categories 3 to 5)
Liquidity Monitoring Tools
Type of survey
Full sample survey
Reporting institutions
Reporting on a single entity basis:
All banks as defined by the Banking Act of 8 November 1934, as well as branches of foreign banks

Reporting on a consolidated basis (financial groups or conglomerates):
The proprietary companies of financial groups or of financial conglomerates, dominated by banks, which are subject to group and conglomerate supervision by FINMA, are required to report data. Proprietary companies of subsidiary financial groups are also required to report data.
Reporting entity
Financial group and single entity
LMT_G: monthly
LMT_GO: quarterly
LMT_G: 30 days
LMT_GO: 60 days
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

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Reporting LMT, Group/Single entity (LMT_G)

Reporting LMT, Group/Single entity (with Facilitation) (LMT_GO)

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Reporting LMT, Group/Single entity (with Facilitation) (LMT_GO)