Survey documents

Survey on new mortgages

Name of survey
HYxx (Forms are only available in German and French)
Newly approved mortgage loans to finance real estate in Switzerland for the three following types of business transaction: (i) financing the purchase of real estate, (ii) refinancing a loan with another lender or (iii) financing the construction of real estate.
The survey records a loan’s general characteristics (e.g. borrower, type of business transaction, credit limit, usage, collateral, income), the characteristics of the individual tranches (e.g. interest rate product, interest rate, interest rate and capital commitment) and the characteristics of the individual property (e.g. type, location, value, net rent).
Type of survey
Partial sample survey
Reporting institutions
Banks with a domestic mortgage lending volume of at least CHF 6 billion.
The reporting institutions are invited by the National Bank to participate in the survey.
Reporting entity
Bank office
40 days