Survey documents

Basel III – systemically important banks (SIB)

Name of survey
PSIB_Basel3, CSIB_Basel3
PSIB_xxx, CSIB_xxx
- Eligible and required capital, as well as additional loss-absorbing funds
- Credit risks
- Non-counterparty related risks
- Market risks
- Operational risks
- Leverage ratio
Type of survey
Partial sample survey
Reporting institutions
Banks and financial groups that are systemically important under the terms of arts. 7 and 8 of the Banking Act
Reporting entity
PSIB_Basel3 -> Parent company
CSIB_Basel3 -> Group
PSIB_Basel3 -> Quarterly
CSIB_Basel3 -> Semi-annually
6 weeks
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

Current survey releases

Basel III - systemically important banks (SIB), consolidated (CSIB_Basel3)

Basel III - systemically important banks (SIB), enterprise (PSIB_Basel3)